Vacancy FinalHere is another painting in my bird series.  I was wanting to challenge my watercolor students to take a subject and think about combining it with an interesting and unusual background.  So I started to design a painting based on the subject of two blue jays.  First I thought about having them on a cloths line with the cloths flapping in the breeze, but then I realized that the birds would be so small and not be of importance.  I then thought about having them on top of a quilt draped over a chair.  That didn’t work as the business of the quilt would compete with the birds, then I thought how about a window sill and then it hit me an old abandoned building.  I could then play up the emotion of nature always finding a purpose and use even for the discarded elements of human life.  So that is the journey that led to the composition and painting of this painting of Vacancy.  This painting is 12 x 16 Acrylic on canvas.

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